Soul Realignment: a new way to discover your Spiritual Nature


“Over many, many  years I have explored numerous paths of spiritual learning and questioning about what is the purpose of ‘me'. From the cruder crafts of palmistry and tarot to deeper and more insightful forms of spiritualism I have finally experienced with Soul Realignment a greater understanding of myself and a genuine appreciation of this life that I have chosen to live. It was a liberating experience to comprehend concepts which can only be understood with clarity under the exceptional guidance of wisdom and knowledge that Stephanie has. With a greater sense of who I am and why I am in this life I feel I can now move on to enjoy this ‘me’  in a way which I could only imagine even a few months ago.”  JNA, Artist

“Stephanie's reading has been such a valuable and self-affirming experience. I was delighted to learn from my reading that I am already in line with my Soul Purpose with the choices I've made in my career.  It is incredibly liberating to know that what you are doing is the thing that you should be doing, and are most likely to succeed at doing.  This alone is a gift I will treasure.  In addition, I have much to contemplate from the rest of the information Stephanie gave me about past life choices and what might now be detracting from me fully achieving my goals; I intend to spend more time looking at this for myself, and feel I can now do that with clarity as to what I should be working on.  Stephanie has a natural ability to tap into profound wisdom for people, and presents it in a way which is clear and inspiring.”  Caroline, Yoga Teacher

“After years of Spiritual Exploration and self knowledge, this reading confirmed so many things and helped provide the clarity to take my life forward again.  I was aware from the start that something energetically was shifting and now, 2 months on, I can say that I feel lighter, more joyful and definitely a sense of inner peace that I am very grateful for. It's given me a set of parameters to view life from a place of clarity and empowerment so that I may continue to make the best choices on my onward journey.”  Carrie Mitchell,  Holistic Practitioner & Spiritual Teacher

“I was at a very low point when Stephanie did my Reading.  It was very revealing, and still is.  I have greater clarity about my life now and my depression has now lifted.   I feel blessed and gifted to have the life that I have.”  JS, Western Australia

“Stephanie’s reading really resonated with me! I found her description of my soul gifts to be so very affirming. Also hearing about karmic blocks shined a light on patterns that hold me back and can be transformed with greater awareness and choice. I strongly recommend having a Soul Alignment reading by Stephanie.” Cynthia 


“This reading confirmed so many things and helped provide the clarity to take my life forward again”