Soul Realignment: a new way to discover your Spiritual Nature


Soul Discovery Reading: £95.00

With this reading you can find out about your Divine Soul Blueprint and Soul Profile.

The focus of this reading is ‘self realisation’ - a conscious realisation of the Divinity that has always been yours. This reading is ideal if you seek insight into your Soul purpose and clarity to guide you forward on your highest path in life. 


In this reading you will discover your Divine Soul Blueprint. This is the core essence of who you are at Soul-level and it informs you of the unique gifts and talents that your Soul was designed with. Each of us is born with a specific genius that was bestowed upon us so that we can do our part to make this world a better place and when you fail to develop or use it a cosmic void opens up.  All of us have a role that we are uniquely suited for that no-one else can play.  Often we spend so much time dazzled by the talents of others that we can overlook our own gifts.  Your unique talent or ability may be hidden from your own sight like a golden treasure under shifting sands but we will discover your special gift and identify how you can best express it. 

This reading has nothing to do with Astrology; it is based on an entirely different aspect of your eternal Being.

The Divine Soul Blueprint and Soul Profile includes information on the following: 

Primary Energy Centre (Divine Gift - underlying framework for accessing vital force)

Soul Group of Origination/Lineage 

Soul Profile (current vibration/stage you are at on your Path as an Individualised Spirit) 

Spheres of Protection (to what degree your energy field/aura is supporting you)

Soul Specialisation/Spiritual Heritage (Powerhouse of extra talents)

Any additional energetic gifts

How many ‘helpers’ you have ie. Spiritual Guides and Angelic Assistance

Higher Self Connection (your level of conscious/subconscious access to inner guidance)

Primary Life Lesson for this Incarnation. 

This Reading is also suitable for children from 12wks old.

Cost for Soul Discovery Reading: £95.00 (20-30mins audio file).

Please note:  The more challenging aspects ie: the karmic blocks and restrictions, are not covered in this reading.  They are only included in the full Soul Realignment Reading. Should you choose a Soul Discovery Reading, there is an option to ‘complete’ your reading with the Karmic Blocks and Restrictions Reading at a later stage (cost: £120.00).


Soul Realignment Reading: £195.00

With this reading you can find out about your Divine Soul Blueprint and Soul Profile plus the more challenging aspects - the Karmic Blocks and Restrictions - that are weighing you down in life and limiting you from your highest Spiritual potential.

Its focus is ‘self actualisation’.  What sits between the life we have now and the full expression of your Divinity? This can be seen as the unconscious depths of our Soul’s prior incarnations - our Soul’s repressed negativity.  In this reading, we fully expose those negative karmic patterns to the light so that any buried suffering and pain can be brought into conscious awareness and transfigured, thereby raising your vibration.  This can be seen as the ‘Hero’s journey’ to the depths of the psyche.

This in-depth reading is perfect if you seek not only insight into your Soul Purpose and Gifts, but also to clear the blocks and restrictions that are preventing you from creating the human experience that you truly desire.


In a Soul Realignment reading you will firstly discover your Divine Soul Blueprint: the core essence of who you are at Soul-level and the unique gifts and talents that your Soul was designed with; these are your unique keys to consciously creating the fulfilment and abundance that is your Divine birth-right. 


The second part of a Soul Realignment reading will uncover the blocks and negative karmic patterns that are sabotaging your success and holding you back from fully expressing your gifts. 

There are many varying ways that you can set up unhealthy programs that inhibit you from connecting to your Divine Soul Blueprint so we look at those in detail.  We will spend some time discussing the blocks and restrictions from both this lifetime and past lifetimes which may be holding you back.  You will be given a brief overview of the circumstances in which these arose and this will help you understand the choices that initially seeded the blocks and how they have been upheld.  The patterns that come up in the reading will be those you are ready to release now, and this ‘letting go’ will enable you to move forward into a more empowered life.  The clearer you are about your negative choices, the easier it is to make positive ones.  You will receive energetic clearing work to remove the blockages at Soul-level from your Divine Soul Blueprint so that you have greater access to vital force energy.  You will also receive actionable guidance to enable you to anchor in your Divine Soul Blueprint. It will down to you then to uphold new more healthy patterns through your choices and actions.

Cost for Soul Realignment Reading: £195.00 (90-120mins Zoom audio meeting - which you can record/ take notes).


Karmic Blocks and Restrictions Reading: £120.00

This Reading is for those who have opted for the Soul Discovery Reading and would like to complete the Reading to the level of the Soul Realignment Reading (with clearing).

Cost of Karmic Blocks and Restrictions Reading: £120.00 (approx 60-90mins Zoom audio meeting - which you can record/take notes).


Property Reading with Clearing: £75.00

Properties and houses energetically absorb the experiences of whoever is living under their roof. Sometimes they can draw energy of the events that have happened on that soil many years or centuries before. In fact, an assignment of land decreed long time ago could affect the property built on it.

This Reading identifies any negative energetic influences in your home and energetically clears them. It helps to keep your home energetically aligned with yourself and your family so that it can be a sacred space that supports your spiritual growth and evolution.

Cost: £75.00 (confirmation of findings and clearing by email).


A new way to discover your True Spiritual Nature