Soul Realignment: a new way to discover your Spiritual Nature

Soul Realignment: a new way to discover your Spiritual Nature

Soul Realignment: a new way to discover your Spiritual NatureSoul Realignment: a new way to discover your Spiritual NatureSoul Realignment: a new way to discover your Spiritual Nature

Frequently asked questions

What exactly is the Soul Realignment® modality?

Soul Realignment® is a powerful multidimensional, Soul-level healing modality that utilises wisdom and information found in the Akashic Records.  The in-depth training involves learning to access the Akashic Records, understanding precisely what to ask to glean the information for your reading and interpreting it to enable you to understand it.

What is the Akashic Records?

The term Akasha comes from Sanskrit and stands for: Heaven, Space or Ether. The Akashic Records is a universal, 5th dimensional database, that holds an energetic records for all souls.  It records all of the experiences for each soul that has ever come to life and this forms an archive of past lives, present lives, and possible future lives.  

The purpose of the Akashic Records is to literally record and store every choice each person has ever made, since the inception of their Soul. This Universal archive is a tremendous source of neutral information which is recorded and stored, like a huge library. The records can be accessed by anyone who has the authorisation and knowledge to read them. They were called "The Book of Life" in The Old and New Testament and they are recognised by most spiritual systems throughout human history.

Where do the blocks and restrictions come from?

They are not conscious choices - it is just often that we become really entrenched in these patterns of choice over time - they are just our normal and we don’t even realise that we are working against our Divine Self expression because it is just what we are used to or conditioned to but we are still making these choices so the opportunity here is to make new choices that allow you to tap into your Divine gifts in a whole new way. 

So the reason we are looking at what choices hold you back is so that you can correct them. Some of these patterns of choice are very old - in fact they’ve been going on for multiple lifetimes. 

What if I don’t believe in past lives?

This is the frame of reference of Soul Realignment® - however it doesn’t really matter whether you believe in past lives - you just need to listen to the pattern descriptions because you will see that there is a relationship to the kinds of choices you are making in your life right now and the whole point is that you know which choices to correct.

If ‘past lives’ does not resonate with you - you might want to consider it more scientifically, in terms of DNA.  The burgeoning science of ‘Epigenetics’  acknowledges that following a trauma, chemical changes to DNA can happen that alter gene expression and impact on your responses.  Irrespective of how you feel about past lives or a more scientific explanation, remember not to discard the present because you don’t like the wrapping!  The information itself is really valid and it can still be productive and good.  Simply listen for the choices you can correct and change in order to tap into the gifts.

This is effectively an insight practice into your own state. This is about being willing to go inward and carefully examine the ways in which you currently operate or have operated in the past that have taken you out of alignment. Furthermore understanding the ways in which you can make new choices and take new actions that can bring about balance.

Taking such an active and engaged role enables you to get in touch with your own inner power so that you can become the powerful creator of your own reality.  Our objective is not to go more deeply into the details but to facilitate transformation - that is the focus.

What Negative Karmic Patterns might a Soul Realignment Reading include? 

It looks at any presenting patterns which could include any of the following: 

Angers Spears, Attaching Souls, Bargains/Pacts, Genetic or Karmic Beliefs, Compassionate Connections, Constraints, Contracts (Protection, Healing or Soulmate), Earthbound Souls, Environmental Interfering Energy, Godspark Damage, Hooks and Cords, Illusions, Imprints, Independent Negative Thought Forms, Negative Astral Travel, Negative Physical or Etheric Implants, Negative Guides, Negative Intentions, Negative Thought Forms, Negative Unjust Karma, Portalways to the unconscious, past lives or astral realms, Soul Loss or Gain, Soul Memory Loss or Gain, Golden Web Tears , Vows (of Chastity, Poverty, Silence, Obedience, Suffering or Sacrifice). 

What information do you need to enter the Akashic Records of a Soul?

In order to enter your records, I need four pieces of information so that I can locate you:

1)  your full name at birth

2) your full name now

3) your date of birth

4) your place of birth

Please send this information together with your choice of Reading when ordering.

How do you deliver the reading?

This depends on the reading you choose...

a) Soul Discovery 

This Reading is recorded for you in an audio file and emailed to you.

b) Karmic Blocks and Restrictions (Follow up from Soul Discovery Reading)

This Reading is delivered via (audio) Zoom meeting.  You are free to record the session or take notes, as you wish.

c) Soul Realignment Reading 

This Reading is delivered via (audio) Zoom meeting.  You are free to record the session or take notes, as you wish.

d) Property Reading

Following the Property Reading and Clearing I will contact you by email to share any findings and confirm the clearing.

How do I pay for my chosen reading? 

Payment via PayPal at time of ordering, after confirmation that I have successfully accessed your Soul Records :

How long will it take from ordering?

In terms of timing, once your order and payment have been received, dedicated time aside to work on your reading; I will do all the preparation of the information from the Akashic Records.

Soul Discovery Reading

Once your order is placed, you will receive an email confirming the expected delivery date. I  aim to send the audio for a Soul Discovery Reading by email within a week of receipt of payment.  

Soul Realignment Reading/Karmic Blocks and Restrictions

For the more in-depth Soul Realignment Reading or Karmic Blocks and Restrictions, please allow four to six weeks.  Once your order is placed, I  will  contact you by email so that we can schedule a mutually convenient time for the meeting on (audio) Zoom.

How does our call work?

For the Soul Realignment and Karmic Blocks and Restrictions Readings, we will be talking on a Zoom audio call meeting.   You will need to download the Zoom app and sign up at before the call.  It is advisable to do this at least 30 minutes before we start.  I will be on Zoom at the scheduled time and we will go through all your amazing information.    I  will  send you instructions on  how  to  download  and  join the  Zoom App  at the time of booking. You will have the opportunity on Zoom to record the call.  This means that you do not have to take notes so you can relax, listen and ask any questions you have.  

Do I need to do anything after the reading?

There is a 21-day healing period following the reading and clearing and you will be given some homework - a ‘Transmutation of energy’ statement of intention - which you say aloud every day for 21 days.  The homework is an important part of your participation in the reading and the intention to make new choices in the future. I  will  have shifted the energy in the 5th dimension but you must make new choices in order to create a new experience.  

How is the clearing work done?

Thanks to the clearing work done in the Akashic Records,  I will be holding a transformational space for you. This will enable you to move into alignment with your Soul's highest Path and Purpose seamlessly. The release into conscious awareness of karmic patterns of negativity prompts a transmutation of energy. The foggy lens of prior emotional and belief-system conditioning will have been cleansed. The negative false beliefs you harboured about yourself will have been illuminated. Not only will your mind be fully satisfied as you understand the root cause of the circumstances you've created, but you will also feel empowered to make new choices for yourself, your life, and create the changes you wish!

Should you have any further questions that have not been covered here, please contact me by email: