Soul Realignment: a new way to discover your Spiritual Nature

Soul Realignment: a new way to discover your Spiritual Nature

Soul Realignment: a new way to discover your Spiritual NatureSoul Realignment: a new way to discover your Spiritual NatureSoul Realignment: a new way to discover your Spiritual Nature


Stephanie Curnoe BSc (Hons) First Class, Lic Ac - Your Soul Realignment Practitioner

I am a Certified Level I, II, and III Soul Realignment® Practitioner.  

Soul Realignment® is a full protocol to access the Akashic Records. The in-depth training involved learning to access the Akashic Records, through a comprehensive, step-by-step system.  I  was taught how to intuitively "read" the Akashic Records and accurately unlock information to discover exactly how the Soul shapes its human experience in terms of nature, purpose and gifts. Further I  have been taught how to interpret my findings to enable you to understand them.

This specialisation allows me  to take my healing practice to a deeper, and more complete level by reading the energetic imprint of your Soul. Soul healing practices such as Soul Realignment® assist you in clearing any deep Soul wounds from your energetic imprint so that you can reach your highest potential.

Other Training

I am also a traditional acupuncturist.  I gained a  First Class Honours Degree and Licentiate in Acupuncture at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading, UK in 2017 and have been in private practice ever since.

As part of my Masters Degree in Health Services Research at the University of York, I designed and conducted a national cross-sectional survey mapping Acupuncture Practice in the UK, details of which have been published by the British Medical Journal.

I call my style ‘Extraordinary Acupuncture’ (see below). I use vibrational medicine such as etheric essence (containing organic essential oils) and colour (coloured silks) in the subtle fields of the body to harmonise, balance, calm and strengthen my patients.

Extraordinary Acupuncture

Over the period of years that I have been in practice, my experience and knowledge have deepened and  my style has evolved into what I now call  'Extraordinary Acupuncture', so called because the majority of my work involves working with the 'Extraordinary Vessels' of acupuncture practice.

The (Eight) Extraordinary Vessels represent the deepest level of energetic structuring and are considered to relate to the evolution of consciousness - the deep, constitutional aspects of being that have historically been associated with spiritual practices and personal development on all levels. Within the framework of Chinese Medicine, there are 12 Primary Channels that correspond with the Internal Organs (i.e. Heart, Lung, Liver, Stomach Meridians etc.) and relate to everyday function; the Eight Extraordinary Vessels are the underlying reservoirs for these primary channels and promote each individual's balance and homeostasis during 'extraordinary' times. They are considered by many to be the 'Initiatic Gates' and become active during times of transition and transformation, providing reserves of energy and insight to aid in the recovery from the challenging times of our lives and enable us to grow and evolve as individuals.

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